Retroactive Special Edition: Uncanny X-Men Through The Decades


Uncanny X-Men (1970’s)


Uncanny X-Men 1970
Uncanny X-Men 1970-1975 (Reprint Era)
Uncanny X-Men 1975
Uncanny X-Men 1976
Uncanny X-Men 1977
Uncanny X-Men 1978
Uncanny X-Men 1979

My Overall Pick


Giant-Size X-Men #1. After the X-Men were essentially cancelled this was the issue that brought them back after a near 5 year hiatus and it kicked off the new direction and new cast that would dominate the series and would become household names in the process. In fact I’d go as far to say that this cover could potentially be considered more famous for the series than its very first one. Onto the cover itself which is simply brilliant. In the background we have the Original Five X-Men (Beast, Angel, Cyclops, Iceman, and Jean Grey) who look completely shocked. The five of them are rendered in a light blue and black colour scheme that gives them a real ghost-like appearance which is apropos considering they were this series’ past. And what about this series’ future? Why they are bursting though the page and into our living rooms. Along with stalwart member Cyclops we get many characters making their debuts (Nightcrawler, Thunderbird, Colossus, and Storm) and one character that was relatively new to Marvel (haven only been in three issues of Incredible Hulk before) in the form of Wolverine. Imagine being a fan back in 1975 and seeing this cover on the stands. Not only was it an innovative idea but seeing all these characters you had never seen before along with wondering why the old team was reacting as they were got us pumped for what was essentially the second volume of this legendary series.



One thought on “Retroactive Special Edition: Uncanny X-Men Through The Decades

  1. 60s: UXM # 2
    70s: UXM # 75
    80s: UXM # 236
    90s: UXM # 358
    00s: UXM Annual 2000
    10s: UXM # 527

    It was a very hard task to choose the best cover of the 90s, because there were two other images that got very close to the overall gold medal: UXM # 290 and UXM # 348.
    Of course choosing the best cover of the 00s wasn’t easy either, because UXM # 493 would have deserved the 1st prize as well.
    Maybe 2009 was the best time ever for the X – covers. All the images I put on the podium in that Retroactive edition are extremely beautiful, and even the cover which got the 4th prize would have won the gold medal with ease in any other year.

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