Retroactive Special Edition: Uncanny X-Men Through The Decades


Uncanny X-Men (1980’s)


Uncanny X-Men 1980
Uncanny X-Men 1981
Uncanny X-Men 1982
Uncanny X-Men 1983
Uncanny X-Men 1984
Uncanny X-Men 1985
Uncanny X-Men 1986
Uncanny X-Men 1987
Uncanny X-Men 1988
Uncanny X-Men 1989

My Overall Pick


Uncanny X-Men #141. It is a cover that has been paid homage to countless times over the years by countless comic companies and for good reason. The first element that draws us in is the giant poster featuring various mug shots of the X-Men, the words slain or apprehended emblazoned across almost every one. The prospect of some of our favourite X-Men being deceased is quite a shock to the system and immediately disorients us and makes us wonder what is truly going on. Next our eyes are drawn to the two figures caught in the sights of a giant searchlight. The first character we instantly recognize is Wolverine except he’s not the Wolverine we’ve come to expect, grey streaks running through his hair. We quickly come to the conclusion that this scene we are seeing play out is actually taking place in the future, a very dark future from the look of things. The woman he is shielding, the woman he is protecting is a mystery at first glance but upon closer inspection we realize that this is an older Kitty Pryde. According to the poster, Kitty Pryde was apprehended while Wolverine was the only X-Man running free, a fact that leads us to the conclusion that he is staging a daring prison break on this very cover. The last wonderful detail that sets up the premise perfectly is the sign that reads “Attention! You are now leaving a controlled zone.” It is a sign that speaks to us, that shares with us the fact that what we once thought was safe, what we considered the norm, is about to be turned on its head. It is a stunning cover for one of the all-time greatest X-Stories and a cover that resonates and enthralls us all these years later.



One thought on “Retroactive Special Edition: Uncanny X-Men Through The Decades

  1. 60s: UXM # 2
    70s: UXM # 75
    80s: UXM # 236
    90s: UXM # 358
    00s: UXM Annual 2000
    10s: UXM # 527

    It was a very hard task to choose the best cover of the 90s, because there were two other images that got very close to the overall gold medal: UXM # 290 and UXM # 348.
    Of course choosing the best cover of the 00s wasn’t easy either, because UXM # 493 would have deserved the 1st prize as well.
    Maybe 2009 was the best time ever for the X – covers. All the images I put on the podium in that Retroactive edition are extremely beautiful, and even the cover which got the 4th prize would have won the gold medal with ease in any other year.

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