Retroactive Special Edition: Uncanny X-Men Through The Decades


Uncanny X-Men (2000’s)


Uncanny X-Men 2000
Uncanny X-Men 2001
Uncanny X-Men 2002
Uncanny X-Men 2003
Uncanny X-Men 2004
Uncanny X-Men 2005
Uncanny X-Men 2006
Uncanny X-Men 2007
Uncanny X-Men 2008
Uncanny X-Men 2009

My Overall Pick


Uncanny X-Men #466What immediately grabs us is the image of Rachel Grey who is standing confidently and with purpose, fire crackling around her. This fire continues to permeate the actual backdrop itself, splitting the surface asunder and forming the main title of the series. Through the burning openings we can view the bubbling lava-like substance which stands out even more thanks to the all-black background. It is such a powerful image that showcases the immense power of this young lady albeit a power that she is still firmly in control of. We can’t help but be drawn into the image, the fire dancing before our eyes, Rachel’s piercing gaze staring into our souls. We also wonder what has caused this outburst of power as we take the scene in, an image that acts as a prelude to the gorgeous art contained within.



One thought on “Retroactive Special Edition: Uncanny X-Men Through The Decades

  1. 60s: UXM # 2
    70s: UXM # 75
    80s: UXM # 236
    90s: UXM # 358
    00s: UXM Annual 2000
    10s: UXM # 527

    It was a very hard task to choose the best cover of the 90s, because there were two other images that got very close to the overall gold medal: UXM # 290 and UXM # 348.
    Of course choosing the best cover of the 00s wasn’t easy either, because UXM # 493 would have deserved the 1st prize as well.
    Maybe 2009 was the best time ever for the X – covers. All the images I put on the podium in that Retroactive edition are extremely beautiful, and even the cover which got the 4th prize would have won the gold medal with ease in any other year.

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