Between The Continuity – The Emergence of the Timestream


So that was unexpected….

As some of you may know, Hourglass Comics Online is no more. It was getting really convoluted and confusing as how to proceed with my partnership in association with the main comic store. In the end, I decided what was easiest and what was best would be to re-brand and start over.

While I am still working in association with my local comic store, I am now a completely separate business entitled Timestream Comics. What this meant was a lot of extra work in changing over all my existing accounts and tackling all the legal paperwork. It also meant I was waylaid in terms of time management as this latest obstacle was completely unanticipated. The good news is for the most part I am back in business.

My main priority now is to create a new logo for the store which I can use for promotional materials such as business cards, t-shirts, car magnets, and flyers. You can check out the site now at I’m still offering the special promotion where if you use the code SPEECHBUBBLE at checkout you get $10 OFF any order $30 or over, shipping anywhere in Canada! I’m also ramping up my social media outlets with the Facebook page ( being the furthest ahead while my Twitter page has just come into existence at @TimestreamComic. Please give us a LIKE or a FOLLOW!

With my shameless shilling down, its time once again to look at the month that was. Without further ado, let’s have the breakdown:

July 2015

My Top 12 articles for the month in terms of total views were as follows:

#1: The Character Spotlight – Special Edition: Laura Kinney (X-23)
#2: Lost Voice: How The Canary Lost Her Cry
#3: The Vanier Report: Tales From A DC Pull List (Batman Beyond #2 Review)
#4: The Character Spotlight – Issue #6: Star-Lord (Peter Quill)
#5: The Cosplay Runway 07/19/15
#6: The Cosplay Runway 07/24/15
#7: The Comic-Verse – Super-Sized Two Week Edition: Awesome Art & The Top 30 Featured Links (06/11/15-06/24/15)
#8: The Comic-Verse – Super-Sized Three Week Edition: Awesome Art & The Top 45 Featured Links (06/25/15-07/15/15)
#9: The Vanier Report: Tales From A DC Pull List (Cyborg #1 Review)
#10: The Vanier Report: Tales From A DC Pull List (Batman Eternal #52 Review)
#11: The Character Spotlight – Issue #9: Deathstroke (Slade Wilson)
#12: The Character Spotlight – Issue #8: Agent 13 (Sharon Carter)

It was another sub-par month which was to be expected especially after the poor end to the month which was only mitigated by the huge numbers that healed1337’s X-23 feature did in large part to a great reception from Reddit. The ever so reliable Character Spotlight of Star-Lord reared its head yet again and my well received Black Canary piece continued to chug along backed by two editions of the Cosplay Runway. Rounding out the Top 12 were some older Character Spotlights, two editions of the Comic-Verse and the ever amazing Vanier Reports.

In other areas my Top 5 referrers were Reddit, WordPress Reader, Twitter, The Old Reader, and Tumbler. Finally, My Top 5 Search Terms were “star lord”, “batman beyond #2 2015”, “amazing spider-man comic logo”, “sonny liew”, and “harley quinn and flash.” And that is July in summation!

I’ve really come to a crossroads here. The plan has always been to get enough of a subscriber base to quit my job which I am miserable at. Even at my predetermined exit point, I would still be making significantly less money but at that point it would free me up to focus on my writing with the eventual goal of having a comic published plus maybe taking on some part-time work. Right now, between my job, Timestream Comics, maintaining the social media accounts for the store, and the Speech Bubble, I’m really running out of time everyday. I also plan to add a blog component to Timestream Comics (more on that next week) as well. Just talking about it gets me exhausted.

So what am I going to do? With some rededication to the Speech Bubble, I hope to get the blog back on track while also hoping to add some more writers in the future to offer up some weekly articles. If I get enough of a response and the numbers improve, the Speech Bubble will live on. Right now, the fate of everything in my life is up in the air. I’m giving it to the end of the year to see where it all ends up…


Previously On
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The Character Spotlight – Special Edition: Laura Kinney (X-23)
The Cosplay Runway 07/24/15
The Vanier Report: Tales From A DC Pull List (Cyborg #1 Review)
The Comic-Verse – Super-Sized Two Week Edition: Awesome Art & The Top 30 Featured Links (07/23/15-08/05/15)

looking-aheadInfo on Timestream Comic’s blog to be revealed/discussed. Find out more in the next edition of Between The Continuity!

On that note, this week’s offering of Between The Continuity has reached its end. I hope everyone has an excellent week and manages to read some great stuff. Until next time, I leave you with three words that sum up this blog and life in general:


8 thoughts on “Between The Continuity – The Emergence of the Timestream

  1. Hi, good post to bring everything up to date. Been a way for a bit, so wondered how you were doing. Glad things getting sorted. Noticed the new site following me on Twitter, but wasn’t sure it was you until I read this. You also mention Reddit at lot. I’ve never used it, but I’ve heard its meant to be good. Must find the time to check that out one of these day. Have a great week!

    • Reddit can be a powerful tool but it is a tool that you can’t overuse. You should try one of your best postings and see how people react. Also, I wish you a great rest of the week as well!

      • I’ve always used Twitter mostly and Facebook to a degree, and that has worked for me. I did check out Redditt once, but tbh I didn’t really understand what it was all about. Maybe I’ll have a another look and see. Cheers, looking forward to a nice weekend

  2. Hopefully Timestream Comics works out well for you. It looks like a handy site for subscription by mail, and there aren’t enough Canadian sites in that market.

    It’s kind of exciting to see both of my character spotlight posts do so well, and it helps motivate me to write more. I’m planning a Witchblade spotlight for around the time her series ends in the fall, and I should probably do a Cable spotlight at some time. I don’t feel like I’m the right person to do a Deadpool spotlight (I haven’t yet read enough of his classic stories).

    Can you set Reddit to automatically share your blog posts? If so, I should consider using it.

    • I’m crossing my fingers that this works out. I saw an opening in the Western Canadian market and want to fill that void with really competitive sales and perks for being a subscriber such as two free comics every month. It is getting the word out that is the slow part but I also offer a referral reward for all my subscribers where they can a percentage of the sale for every customer they bring on.

      Also, Witchblade and Cable on the horizon? Awesome! 🙂

      Finally, in regards to Reddit, no you cannot automatically share your posts. Really you have to use it strategically as you can’t oversaturate the site with your own links. It is a fine balancing act which I’m still navigating though I try to share at least two per month if possible. If you converse on other topics a lot, then you can get away with more but I don’t have the time currently to go down that route. I’d give it a shot though and pick one of your finest postings and see how it performs. It will go a long way in convincing you if it is worth your time.

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