Three Years In The Books…


Today marks the 3rd Anniversary of the Speech Bubble. It is an anniversary that leaves me conflicted…

First up, it has been quite a while since I’ve even posted here with the month of September not containing a single new posting. I’ve come to realize that time is most certainly not on my side and unfortunately the Speech Bubble is suffering. I have reached an impasse not only with this blog’s future but in other aspects of my life. My online comic store venture has had quite a few bumps in the road and hasn’t reached the point where I can quit my miserable current job which is getting worse and worse with every passing month. Why is that you ask? Why it is because of those individuals at head office making asinine decisions that has lowered store moral to the lowest it has been in 12 years. Everyone is looking for a life raft to get away from this sinking ship of bad decisions that thinks about potential profit increases over the employees. I’m at the stage where I can’t take things anymore and if one more thing happens I’m just going to outright walk out on the spot. This sucky regular job is really getting in the way of everything I want to accomplish both with my online comic venture, my comic writing career, and this blog. There just isn’t enough time in the day…

With that said, on to something positive! Recently, I’ve gotten more and more interested in shooting videos and the editing process. While I still have a lot to learn, I’m happy with the results so far. Utilizing ads to help my comic store is a must and something that will set me apart from the competition. Check out my second video celebrating my Bat-Sale promotion that is concluding today:

As I begin to wrap things up I’d be remiss not to thank everyone for the support over this past year including those that have commented on and supported this blog the most including but not limited to wwayne, Paul Bowler, healed1337, Reid Vanier, The Telltale Mind, Gene’O, hortah01, Sidekick Reviews, and the retired Arousing Grammar. Your comments have made this experience so worth while and I’m proud to call some of you comic comrades. That is the beauty of comics, uniting people from all walks of life, from entirely different countries, under one banner. I also want to thank everyone who has ever hit LIKE, retweeted a Tweet, spread the word about my Blog, shared a feature, or even just taken the time out your schedules to take a gander. It moves me that so many people actually take notice and enjoy what I do.

– GothamRogue


9 thoughts on “Three Years In The Books…

  1. I kind of know what you mean about a corporate head office screwing you over. At my day job, my pay rate is about to go down by $2 an hour. Fortunately I get a big buyout sum from this, but the second I get the money, it’s time to search for a new job. Hopefully I can start writing freelance articles online in the meantime to make some extra cash on the side. Working retail for 10 years feels like too long.

    Anyway, I hope that Timestream Comics turns out well for you.

  2. Congratulations on your 3rd anniversary of the Speech Bubble. Its such a great site, always enjoy reading all the posts so much. Sorry to hear that your work life has been difficult, sure everything will work out ok for you. The blogging community you have built up will always be here for you. Been a pleasure to get to know you and the many people who read and comment on your blog, its always great fun to read everyone’s views and opinion. Anyway, well done on your 3rd year, here’s to an even better year for you. Take care, and best wishes for all your future projects 🙂

  3. It was a really, really heart – warming surprise to find out you had written a new post. I can’t describe my joy in words. I hope this marks a new beginning for your blog, and I also hope your personal life will improve as well. Thank you for coming back! : )

  4. Hello there and Congratulations on your 3rd anniversary of your blog! I really hope things get better for you at your job. That’s a bummer. 😦 On the brighter side I’m glad to see your videos, they look like a lot of fun to shoot and edit together. Nice to hear from you in any case. 😀

  5. As someone that has also just hit the three year landmark in writing, I completely understand the dedication and diligence needed to maintain the site and how sometimes life just gets in the way. I hope work will improve and you will find some more happiness that can inspire you to continue writing. Sometimes it is my comic love that pulls me through the rest of the difficult times. Good luck my man!

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