Covers of the Week 10/24/12

It is time for the best covers from the week that was. A quick reminder: only comics that I personally have purchased qualify for this piece. If a title contains more than one cover, only the one I own is taken into consideration. Now without further ado:

Third Place

Deadpool #63
Regardless of the contents inside, Dave Johnson delivers a very Deadpool worthy fourth-wall breaking cover. Having the title of the comic knock Deadpool out was genius and having the blue cartoony birds circling his head was a nice touch. Add that with the stark white background causing the character to pop off the page and you’ve got the best part of the entire issue. Too bad Dave Johnson couldn’t draw the interiors as well but that’s another matter for Bullet Points…


Second Place

Amazing Spider-Man #696
Another “amazing” cover from Steve McNiven with his creativity on full display. The sideways Spider-Man mask with the two Hobgoblins using the mask’s eyes as their windows to peek out of is brilliant. The added effect of the mask’s lines bleeding signifies that the events in this issue may have deadly consequences and delivers a foreboding presence. The tease that we’ll finally witness the two Hobgoblins fight each other compels you to open the book up and like I always say…that is what truly makes a good cover.


First Place

The Flash #13
 Francis Manapul does it again. If one of his covers comes out and it isn’t in my Top 3 there is something wrong with the world. He is simply that good. The army of gorillas on one side, the Rogues on the other, and the Flash caught in the middle standing atop a pile of rubble intrigues the reader. The Central City sign changed to Gorilla City spells out exactly what to expect, the poses of the characters are lovely, and the colouring by Brian Buccellato is spot on. This cover reminds me of the comic book equivalent of a movie poster. With that said, Francis Manapul, I award you the first place crown this week. Congratulations!


So those are my favourites and it’s a two to one decision. Two covers for Marvel but the top prize goes to DC. What’s your personal Top 3 Covers? Comment below!

2 thoughts on “Covers of the Week 10/24/12

  1. Talking about covers, I couldn’t imagine a better one to close the incredibly good Snyder’s run on Swamp Thing: It’s so incredible that I talk about art so often in your blog, because I don’t give a damn about art when I read a comic, I’m (almost) entirely focused on the story.
    On that site, I also found a poll that seems to be made for you: I didn’t vote yet, because I’m wavering between Renee Montoya and Ted Kord. I love Renee because she was starring in one of the most beautiful series ever written (Gotham Central), but I also would love to see an interaction between the old Blue Beetle and the new one. Not only because, as you know, I love when old and new are combined, but also because, when something similar happens in Gotham (former Robins meet each other quite often), it’s always an intriguing situation.

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