The Comic-Verse: Awesome Art & The Top 15 Featured Links (02/19/15-02/25/15)


Welcome to The Comic-Verse, a feature that is all about sharing and promoting content. Not only will you find links to the very best comic-related posting each week from my fellow WordPress bloggers but you’ll also be treated to art from one talented individual. It is all about spreading the word while also honoring those people who tirelessly work away on blogs of their very own. So sit back and enjoy!


The Top 15 comic-related postings of the Week

The Telltale Mind
One Last Ride – Starlight: The Return of Duke McQueen

Nothing But Comics!
Jay Garrick’s 75 Year Sprint

Batman #39 Review: Joker’s origin will never be revealed (which is a good thing)

Batman 39 review

X-Men comics for February 25 2015


Super Team AU
Comic Reviews 02/25/15

Agent Carter Episode Review: SNAFU, Season 1 Episode 7

Modern Mythologies
Retro Review: Strange Adventures #180 (1965) – “I Was the Man With Animal Powers”

Batfan on Batman
How to Be Like Batman PART#2: Develop an IRON WILL

Arousing Grammar
10 times Spider-Man got kicked in the head

Reviews By Lantern’s Light
The New Year’s 52: Streets of Gotham

Comparative Geeks
 Batman Comic Hush and Comparative Opinions: Hush

Sidekick Reviews
The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 11 “The Distance” Review


Jay Threadbear
Review: Spider-Gwen #1

Comic Art Spotlight

Here I thought I’d share some of my favourite comic-related works of art from Alice X. Zhang. To check-out more from her, go to her DeviantArt page HERE.


That wraps up this installment of The Comic-Verse. Have any comments? Anything you wanted to share? You know what to do.

3 thoughts on “The Comic-Verse: Awesome Art & The Top 15 Featured Links (02/19/15-02/25/15)

  1. Some great pictures on Alice X’s page that aren’t comic related. The Unicorn Park (based on the Jurassic Park logo) is amusing. Some of these Avengers pictures look like they’re painted though. Whether they are painted or not, great stuff.

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