Bullet Points Part 3: DC/Marvel Comics 10/17/12

So here are my reviews that I call Bullet Points. These reviews will mention the highs and lows, favourite moments, and contain general discussion about each issue. The third part will finish off my DC and start my Marvel reviews. Only comics that I have purchased will be reviewed. Also I should mention that there be SPOILERS in these reviews. You are warned!


Supergirl #13

Issue #0 illuminated Supergirl’s past but now we are back to the present and introducing her own fortress of solitude under water. Will the issue take us up, up, and away or should it be placed in solitary confinement? Read on:

Cover: Nice use of colour and form. You get the opinion that Supergirl is going to be in some serious trouble here.


– Sam Basri on art! This guy deserves another ongoing series stat. His portrayal of Supergirl’s emotions is very well done. Simply beautiful.
– Love that Supergirl is able to outsmart Tycho.
– Glad Siobhan isn’t forgotten. I really like her character and hope she is a continuing presence in this book.


– Supergirl cycles through her emotions a little too quick over the course of one issue.
– Tycho is not my favourite villain.
– H’el on Earth crossover is coming. Don’t have very high expectations for it.

Spoilsport: Tycho and Supergirl are in the underwater fortress named Sanctuary which grew out of a piece of her pod. There are info shards that Tycho can interact with and he plays the voice recording of Kara’s dad being shot by her mother and she is devastated by the revelation. Tycho realizes the fortress only responds to Kara’s voice and demands her to make it obey him. He is wiping the floor with her until she tells Sanctuary to neutralize him and he is frozen in place by some crystals. The issue ends with Supergirl witnessing an event from Superman #13 and saying that whatever is taking place is impossible.

Favourite Lines:

Tycho: So: Dad sends you off. Knows a yellow sun is going to turn you into, well…turn you into exactly what I’ve heard you called in the media…a Supergirl!

Tycho: You know what your problem is? I mean besides having no imagination or ambition? You’re too nice.

Ever since this series relaunched at the start of DCnU I’ve wanted it to blow me away. The art is always great no matter who is on the book but the story hasn’t really grabbed my attention. There are a few stand-out issues but those are few and far between. I’m ready for the next step forward and I want Supergirl to begin to interact with other non-Kryptonian speaking individuals. Have Siobhan teach her English or let Sanctuary magically do it but one way or another she needs to move forward, she needs a larger supporting cast. Now the next arc is a crossover with another Kryptonian so they can skirt around this issue once again but enough is enough. I’m ready for the next level. Don’t leave me waiting for too long.

RATING: ★★★★★★☆☆☆☆


Wonder Woman #13

They teased us with the New Gods. Then came the sad news that we would have to wait two months for the start of the arc but at least we got the superb Issue #0. Now Brian Azzarello is back with Issue #13 but the real question is will this issue be good or fantastic? Year 2, here we come:

Cover: Wonder Woman trekking through the desert is a captivating cover. Her following the bloody footprints of Ares on “the path of war” is more of a symbolic nature than a literal one.


– Who is the First Born?
– Pool party for all the most powerful Gods who share Zeus as their father is called by Apollo. Hephaestus is there (surprisingly) along with Aphrodite whose face is still obscured. I like that about the character because she is so beautiful art can not do her justice. Ares is a drunken mess but perks up when Apollo mentions that the God of War’s former protegé, Wonder Woman, is super powerful. I just love the family dynamic here.
– Athena isn’t present at the meeting and Ares comments that “there is no justice then, eh, Apollo?” Get it? Athena is the Goddess of Wisdom, War, and Justice. Nice touch.
– Love the scene of Zola trying to strangle the now mortal and helpless Hera but Wonder Woman breaks it up. Doesn’t stop Zola from spitting on Hera though.
– Real nice scenes of Wonder Woman ricocheting bullets and blocking a whole load of daggers/knives.


– No Cliff Chiang on art.
– No mention of Orion at all after that Issue #12 tease.

Spoilsport: Wonder Woman is trying to find Zola’s baby but she no longer has Hermes to fly herself around the world. Lennox suggests seeking a Demi-God named Siracca to help and she travels to Libya to find her. She finds a little girl and the girl takes her to Siracca’s place. Wonder Woman says she’ll protect her from harm but a wall of knives shoots out and the girl is hit and turns to dust. The girl suddenly reforms and reveals that she is really Siracca and she is choking Wonder Woman to end the issue.

Favourite Lines:

Dionysus: You would have raised a new Olympus if you took Zeus’ throne?
Ares: Me? No… I would have razed it.

Zola: I thought you were my friend!
Wonder Woman: I am!
Zola: Then let me kill her!
Wonder Woman: I wouldn’t let a friend do that to anyone.

Soldier: Colonel–a woman approaches…
Colonel: A woman? Why, I…wonder?

Wonder Woman in the DCnU has been a surefire success. Every issue Azzaello delivers and I fully expected this week’s offering to make my Top 3. What I was met with was the worst issue of his run so far. Now don’t get me wrong, the worst of his run is still better than a lot of other comics out there but when your expectations are this high it is a little disappointing. So it was good, not fantastic, but I think this was just a rare blip and this series will recover most assuredly.

RATING: ★★★★★★★½☆☆


Dark Avengers #182

Are you ready? I said are..you..ready? It’s time for Dark Avengers VS Thunderbolts! Will it be a flash of brilliance or leave us sitting in the dark disappointed? Find out:

Cover: Beautiful cover, simply beautiful. The poses, the lightning in the background (they are Thunderbolts after all), and the colouring was perfect. Did I mention it was beautiful?


– Loved that Troll takes out Ragnarok’s Mojlnir with one blow and then Hyde and Marko lay the smackdown. on him.
– Love that all the Dark Avengers were taken out pretty easily.
– Boss Cage fading into Present-Day Cage was a nice transition.
– Troll and Songbird hug it out in the end. Awwwww….. How sweet.


– The Avengers and the Fantastic Four weren’t really needed and their sequences took up valuable space.
– Cain Marko pretty much shows up out of nowhere.
– The fight scenes were too short.

Spoilsport: Boss Cage allows the Thunderbolts to travel back in time to the present where they trounce the Dark Avengers pretty easily. Centurius kills Wender saving the day and Boss Cage’s future ceases to exist. The Thunderbolts end the issue reunited with the original Thunderbolts.

Favourite Lines:

Troll: Songbird cut hair!

Mach V: Um…when did our swamp man learn to talk?

Boomerang: I know it looks like I’m saying “come and get some,” baby Hawkeye…but my arms are out because I already threw two more rangs.

Luke Cage: My pain in the butt Spidey would have sensed that coming.

Ever since they renamed Thunderbolts to Dark Avengers, this comic has been building up to this. I thoroughly enjoyed them getting absolutely destroyed by the Thunderbolts and then I wondered: why is this series continuing with the Dark Avengers. That’s right. After next issue bids farewell to the Thunderbolts this series is continuing. The Dark Avengers are a joke now and we have to put up with them without the other Thunderbolts? I’m dropping this series after next issue, that you can be assured of.

RATING: ★★★★★★☆☆☆☆


New Avengers #31

The end is approaching and Bendis’ final arc has finally commenced. Will it be another Avengers classic remembered for decades to come or will it be another run of the mill Avengers story? Answer below:

Cover: An alright cover with Doctor Strange in the palm of the someone’s hand. They try to get across the message that this arc will deal with mysticism.


– Jessica asks if anyone wants to buy the house from them and Iron Fist offers five dollars which is a 400% profit for them because Stark sold it to them for $1 symbolically in the first issue. Captain Marvel comes in wondering what’s going on and Spider-Man says that Luke and Jessica are leaving and selling him the mansion for the top bid of 13 dollars…cash. Made me smile.
– The mediation scene with Doctor Strange and Iron Fist was great. Strange keeps wanting to meditate but Iron Fist just keeps on talking showing his inability to get his mind off his problems when he’s supposed to be clearing his mind
– Ms. Marvel and Jessica have a nice exchange as well.


– Who has possessed Victoria Hand? Mystery has already been spoiled unfortunately by Marvel itself months ago.
– Wasn’t Hellstorm a bad guy in Venom? Is he good again? Consistency Marvel, consistency.
– Some of the faces are drawn pretty weird especially Captain Marvel at the end.

Spoilsport: A possessed Victoria Hand takes out Daimon Hellstorm and Jennifer Kale. The New Avengers try to deal with Luke Cage’s decision to leave the team.  Victoria arrives at Avengers Mansion but is confronted by a FBI agent who wants to question her over the disappearance of Kale. She proceeds to pass out and the possessor passes on to Captain Marvel to end the issue.

Favourite Lines:

Daimon Hellstorm: Hey, yo, Doctor Strange…it’s Daimon Hellstorm. Son of Satan. Anyway, I see you’re busy beating up mutants for trying to make the world a better place…but when you’re done I was wondering if I could get you to take a look at some funky surges coming out of the astral plane.

Victoria Hand: Captain America wants to know if you’ve witnessed anything out of the ordinary.
Daimon Hellstorm: Like heroes fighting heroes on the local news? Oh, wait, you said out of the ordinary.

Iron Fist: I think I’m going to buy myself a Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4.
Doctor Strange: That is a great idea.
Iron Fist: You want one?
Doctor Strange: Yes.

Jessica Jones: I don’t want to go a long time without talking.
Captain Marvel: Can you focus on one unanswerable neurosis at a time?
Jessica Jones: I can multitask.

Agent Colt: You can take it up with my superior–
Maria Hill: I don’t think you understand…I am your superior! On every conceivable level. I am your superior.
Agent Colt: You listen to–
Maria Hill: So I don’t know who you think you’re talking to right now, but you are talking to your superior!

Lots of great dialogue in this issue that is unfortunately hampered at times by poor art. With one issue a piece done in his final Avengers and New Avengers arcs this one pulls in the lead for most interesting. I want to see where this story takes us and what other great moments it will try to squeeze out before the curtain is closed.

RATING: ★★★★★★★½☆☆


And that is Part 3 complete. Agree/Disagree with my reviews? Comment below!

2 thoughts on “Bullet Points Part 3: DC/Marvel Comics 10/17/12

  1. I just saw the trailer for Man of Steel. Just as I expected, it obviously follows the path of Nolan movies: in every single frame of that trailer, Superman is frowning or angry or showing some other attitudes typical of dark characters. Basically, he’s the Dark Knight with a S on the chest. Which is wrong, because, as far as I know from my limited experience with him, he’s never been that way in his comics. This characterization is not faithful to the spirit of the character.
    Also, the movie seems to focus on his pre – Superman life for a very long time, and I hate this. I understand they have to show his background, but that must be done more fastly, because comic book readers go watching superhero movies TO SEE A SUPERHERO MOVIE. If they wanted a family drama, they would have stayed home, watching the Cosby Show.
    Anyway, I think I’ll watch Man of Steel. Do you know why? Because handcuffing Superman is a great stage trick. Even in this case Man of Steel copied from Nolan’s trilogy (Batman wasn’t on good terms with the police too, if my memory does not fail me), but this detail intrigued me so much that I’m already craving for Man of Steel. This proves that the trailer hit the mark.

    • “This characterization is not faithful to the spirit of the character.” Still too early to tell but it looks that is the direction they’re going with. The DCnU version of Superman is a little more broody and darker then he used to be so they adopted that for the movie.

      “Because comic book readers go watching superhero movies TO SEE A SUPERHERO MOVIE.”
      Hopefully the origin is only 20-30 minutes tops. They need to come out of the gate running with this movie and leave a good impression especially since this will sort of set-up the Justice League movie they’re working on. If people hate this movie (which I highly doubt) they’ll come into JL with sour feelings as well.

      One part that bugged me was when Jonathan was telling Clark he has to be careful with his secret, Clark counters to the affect of “would you rather of had me let that bus load of kids die to protect it?”, and he says “Maybe”. Something Jonathan would never even consider in the comics and really out of character. Only negative thing I can think of from the trailer.

      “Anyway, I think I’ll watch Man of Steel.”
      So will I…so will I.

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