The Comic Connection: Issue #3


Welcome to the third edition of the Comic Connection! The main point of its existence is to share and discuss, to Connect through Comics. Its centrepiece is the Weekly Question, a question I will pose dealing with anything Comic related. Then I turn it over to you and to Twitter to offer any feedback/your opinion on the topic with your answers being featured on next week’s posting. I’ll also share some cool comic-related fan art and photos along with links to my favourite blogs and people to follow on Twitter. With that said, let’s revisit last week’s question:


Last week I asked “What would be the Top 5 comic-based television shows you’d like to see on the air for the first time?”. To see my answer on the topic visit HERE. As for what the rest of you had to say…

@Chickfighter1: Kickass Cass and Waffle Chef Steph (Batgirl Inc.). Stars and STRIPE. Executive Assistant Iris. Saucer Country. Miss Fury.

@DoctorFluxx: Hero’s for Hire, Fatale, Revival, Constantine, Sandman.

@geekifiedgirl: Batgirl. Batgirl. Batgirl. Batgirl. Batgirl.

@ComicBookKidUK: Gotham Central. No question. / minimal FX budget needed and it’s a format that TV fans know and love!

Thanks to all that shared! Now we move onto this week’s question:


“What two comic series would you like to see fill the last two spots in DC’s New 52?”


The first one for me would have to be Shazam. The character has been reinvented and reinvigorated in the backup feature of Justice League and in June that tale is complete. Since DC held off announcing the last two titles of the New 52 in June, I’m hoping the reason for that is they were waiting for this story to wrap-up before launching it as an ongoing series in July. His world is rich with possibilities and he has a strong supporting cast with Mary and Freddy to name just a few. The adaptation and/or creation of classic Shazam villains to populate his world would be quite easy for the man I’d like to see as the writer, the same man who wrote the backups, Geoff Johns. With him leaving Green Lantern, he’s freed up some time and I’d love to see him carry on what he has started. The artist would be a tough choice as Gary Frank is most likely going to be busy starting on Batman Earth One Volume 2 so I’d like to see DC try to find an artist that is reminiscent of his style before transitioning down whatever road they choose. Strike while the iron is hot DC and launch this ongoing pronto. Perhaps it might even lead into a live action movie adaptation as well?

The Forgotten

At the end of Justice League International Annual #1, Booster Gold ceased to exist but what if instead of ceasing to exist he was merely sent to an alternate Earth, one that was created in the wake of the New 52, one where various characters that fans have been clamouring for have seemingly been sent to. It is here that Booster Gold would encounter these characters including the stars of the book: Wally West, Cassandra Cain, Stephanie Brown, Ted Kord, Donna Troy, and Jade. Booster Gold would team-up with this ragtag bunch to try and bring them back to the proper timeline. It would keep a large segment of DC fans happy to see these characters again while still having them separate from the rest of the bunch. DC could even arrange that when one of them “succeeds in correcting the timeline” they can be sent over to the regular universe, rebooted if they want. I’d love to see Gail Simone take charge as the writer considering how many strong female characters would be featured and for the artist I love to see Becky Cloonan to form an all-female dream team. I know it’s a long shot but this is truly what I would love to see and I don’t think I’m in the minority here.


So that’s my answer to the question. I’d love to hear from everyone else what yours would be. Comment below if you have anything you’d like to share.

Fan Art Spotlight
Here I thought I’d share some of my favourite comic-related works of art from Candra. To check-out more from him, go to his DeviantArt page HERE.


Blog Quote Bubble

In this section I’ll highlight the various WordPress based blogs that I recommend:

House of Flying Scalpels
Cover of the Week, Iconic Panel Art, and awesome reviews.

Sci-Fi Jubilee
Really nice in-depth reviews from a perfect gentleman residing in the UK.

Sidekick Reviews
Blog I go to for excellent The Walking Dead and Arrow episode reviews.

Ramblings From A Comic Newbie
Cr8zyGurl brings us a blog with a refreshing perspective. She’s new to comics but that only makes her entries even more interesting.

The Indigo Tribe
A blog about all things Green Lantern including reviews and musings.

Arousing Grammar
Great reviews that are a nice hybrid of commentary and full-page comic art.


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That wraps up the third edition of The Comic Connection. Have any comments? Anything you wanted to share? You know what to do.

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