The Comic-Verse: Awesome Art Special Edition Part 6


Welcome to the sixth part of some special all-art editions of the Comic-Verse. Here I will be highlighting art from various people whom I have highlighted previously in the past, giving you another glimpse at their artistic talents. I’ll be showcasing 5 amazing artists per edition to create a visual spectacle for the eyes. To visit a particular artist just click on the appropriate link, otherwise just hit NEXT. Enjoy! Your eyes will thank you.


Riccardo Fasoli

Otis Frampton

Yildiray Cinar

Dennis Budd

Jamie Tyndall

Aitor Iñaki Eraña


3 thoughts on “The Comic-Verse: Awesome Art Special Edition Part 6

  1. My gold medal goes to Riccardo Fasoli.
    First of all, he portrayed a lot of characters I love: the Punisher, Batman, Cable and Venom.
    Secondly, his drawings have a lot of details that are highly eye – pleasing for me: Batman is under the pouring rain, Cable has a giant gun, Venom and the Punisher are very muscular… also, many of his characters have a raging face or gnashing teeth.
    Thirdly, his drawings are extremely detailed. Look how meticulously he drew the hair of the child next to Cable, the webs all around Spidey, Ghost Rider’s wings… yes, Fasoli definitely deserves the gold medal.
    Also, those blood stains on the Punisher drawings are very realistic. Probably he didn’t use real blood, but the effect is very similar, so he’s also a master of colouring.
    Special mention for Yildiray Cinar: the first drawing and the last 3 are simply exceptional. Also, I think he used a brush for some of these drawings: it takes a lot of time to colour a drawing that way, and it’s also very difficult, so the efforts he made and the talent he has are very remarkable.

    • I had a feeling that Fasoli would win your top praise.

      For me it is a neck and neck race between Cinar and Frampton. You couldn’t get two different artists but each one has their merits. Cinar goes for realism, using various colouring techniques to achieve his brilliance. Frampton on the other hand is more cartoony but so full of life. I originally discovered his work from the How It Should Have Ended videos and recently purchased a comic of his called Oddly Normal. In the end, if you made me choose only one I’d give the crown to Cinar.

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