The Speech Bubble Year 4: Rebirth


So yeah…it’s been a while.

Today marks the 4th Anniversary of the Speech Bubble. Celebrating 4 Years should be a joyous occasion but as anyone that will be reading this can attest, there hasn’t been a single post here over the last year. The truth is, I haven’t had any time and I’m sorry for that.

Upon uploading my 3rd Year post last October, it was my intention to shut the entire blog down, to never return. It was with a heavy heart that I made this decision but I had to be honest with myself that in order to keep up the quality I would need to find an alternative that would never materialize. It was with that decision that I ended the Speech Bubble and ended my presence on Twitter as well. But then…something happened.

Going back to my first post ever, way back when, I unabashedly proclaimed that I was a DC fan first and foremost. I love the characters, both the heroes and the villains, but the New 52, while producing some gems, largely eradicated or erased a lot of what I loved. Then came Rebirth. It not only rejuvenated the entire line but brought back some characters that I loved which had been exiled (Wally West I’m looking at you) while also making almost all their titles priced at $2.99. It was a risk but it has paid off for them as DC has beaten Marvel the last two months not only in terms of units shipped but retail dollars earned. What was so impressive was that they produced less titles then Marvel at a cheaper cost. More importantly, the comics were actually good!

So, this got me thinking. If DC could undergo a rebirth, why not the Speech Bubble? I thought to myself, could I possibly do it? Did I have the time? Then I came to the conclusion that it wasn’t should I do it but that I have to do it. I thought back to why I started blogging in the first place: to reduce my stress and to share my ideas with other like-minded individuals. At the back of my mind though, I still thought of my online comic store. How could I service it alongside posting here? The answer came in the form of an idea I posted here just before I quit: I would start a blog on my online store while also posting certain features exclusively here. The benefits to the site would be apparent: posting original content would help drive viewers there which would lead to a higher placement on Google searches. It was win-win! I could return to blogging while also helping my store.

So really what I’m saying is: I’M BACK! It may be in a new form, but like a phoenix rising from the ashes, the Speech Bubble has not only been reborn but something new will rise up alongside it. The plan is to do the less complex features on my website’s blog (since their blog sucks in terms of options) and the more complex ones here alongside more personal postings. Now, this isn’t a return to the old days where it was “something new ever single day” but I hope to have at least one to two new postings per week. It will definitely be a learning process and please forgive me for being a bit rusty. Any time I post on my online store’s blog, I will also share it here but I would really appreciate everyone visiting the original posting on the store site as well. I will have a comment section there so we can still discuss things as well.

If this works out and it benefits the site, great. If not, I least I can say I gave it my best shot. Where we go from here is anyone’s guess but I thank everyone who decides to follow me here and on the (name to be determined) new blog. New features will be created and classic features will be resurrected. Here’s to the future and hopefully many more years to come! 

– GothamRogue


11 thoughts on “The Speech Bubble Year 4: Rebirth

  1. Happy 4th Anniversary Speech Bubble! Good to see you post again, will look forward to more in whatever form you decide on, DC Rebirth has indeed been a good time for comics and rejuvenated the whole DC line in a way the New 52 never quite managed. I’m still blogging, not quite a much now as I don’t always have a lot of time, as I write on several sites now, so always busy. Nice to see you back though, take it easy, hope all is well, and above all. have FUN blogging and reading comics – because at the end of the day that’s what its all about 🙂

    • Thanks a lot for the welcome back. Rebirth has been a fantastic rejuvenation for the DC Universe and doesn’t look like it is going to slow down. Congrats on being featured on multiple sites as well! All the best and it is great to continue this journey once again and even better knowing that your support is there.

  2. In the last months I saw Daredevil Season 1 and 2. Then I saw Suicide Squad. Before and after that I read lots of wonderful comic books, and some of them belonged exactly to the Rebirth line: the first issues of Nightwing and Green Arrow, for example, were all simply fantastic.
    Everytime I saw a satifying comics – related movie or tv episode, or everytime I closed a comic book I found extremely delightful, I felt there was something missing, because I couldn’t talk about it with you anymore. That’s why my eyes sparkled when I found out you decided to write on your blog again, and I’m sure all your old readers had exactly the same feeling. I wholeheartedly thank you for this decision, and I can’t wait to read your next post. Thank you again, my dear friend.

    • It is good to hear from you! Thank you for the well wishes and the support. I hope all has been well with you and I look forward to many conversations both here and on the companion blog once it launches.

      As for Daredevil: the two seasons were so awesome from top to bottom. From the excellent portrayal of Kingpin to the awesome fight scenes like the two continuous shots in the hallway and the stairs to the Punisher to Matt Murdock and beyond it has been so, so, good. Waiting on Season 3 and the appearance of (hopefully) Bullseye! Have you seen Jessica Jones yet? I’ve just started on Luke Cage.

      Rebirth has been awesome as well. My main problem? So many great titles to read and so little time. That Green Arrow Rebirth issue was simply a stunning piece of art as well the first issue of Trinity. Love the dynamic going on in Nightwing too.

      How did you like Suicide Squad? I thought Margot Robbie was an amazing Harley Quinn and Captain Boomerang was so good that I wish he was in it more.

      All the best and thanks again for coming back after the long absence.

      • “Have you seen Jessica Jones yet? I’ve just started on Luke Cage.” On the 10th of October the Italian tv will broadcast the first episode of Westworld: I think I won’t watch any other tv series until that one is ended, because I can’t follow two tv series or more at the same time.
        “Love the dynamic going on in Nightwing too.” The detail I liked most in these first issues of Nightwing was the symbolic value of the Russian stacking doll: it was a present Dick had bought for Barbara, so its fracture is a delightfully subtle way to convey the message that something has broken in their relationship. That detail was shown in Nightwing # 3, which is the best Rebirth single issue I’ve read until now.
        “How did you like Suicide Squad?” I liked it so much that I wrote a glowing review about it:
        As for the characters you mentioned, I agree with you that Margot Robbie gave us an extremely good performance, and I also agree that Captain Boomerang was a very, very underexploited character. I wrote that in my review as well.
        “All the best and thanks again for coming back after the long absence.” I can’t believe I can say it again… thank you as well for your reply! 🙂

  3. Happy Anniversary, and welcome back.

    It’s been a bit of a busy year – I’m so far behind on Superhero shoes and movies in general (Still haven’t watched Daredevil Season 2 beyond the first episode). As for reading comics, well … I started reading more DC again since Rebirth. A lot of Rebirth is really good so far, plus it’s cheaper than Marvel’s $4 a comic.

    • Thanks for the welcome back! I still have a tough time deciding if Daredevil Season 1 or Season 2 was better but I think that is a pretty good problem to have. It is great to hear that you are trying more DC as I really feel they are listening to the fans while Marvel is just doing knee-jerk reactions to coming in 2nd. Really? A 1 in 1000 Variant using recoloured art for Venom #1? What are they thinking?

      • A lot of X-Men fans (myself included) are also not all that happy with the general direction the franchise is going in lately. Both Wolverine related solo books are really good though.

  4. Hey there.. This is Tariq Hassan.. I was looking for an image of my Dr.Strange illo, and came across your website.. Thanks for featuring me..

    Even though I don’t do many comics anymore, much love. If you’d like any prints, I have quite a few.. I’d be happy so send some your way.. or anyone else interested actually. Dayago@yahoo.(com) I did the last part weird because of spambot..


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