The Top 5 Comic Countdown: 04/23/14

#4The Fourth Best Comic of 04/23/14

Dead Boy Detectives #5
Dead Boy Detectives #5

Creative Team
Mark Buckingham, Tom Litt, and Russell Braun
Why It Was Awesome
This issue was the perfect example of a prototypical issue of the Dead Boy Detectives and why I enjoy it so much. Its colourful characters mixed with its out-of-the-box stories equates to something really special each time a new chapter is released. And this is coming from a guy who had no clue who the Dead Boy Detectives even were going into the first issue. I’m so glad I took the leap as I’m rewarded each and every time I open the cover.


6 thoughts on “The Top 5 Comic Countdown: 04/23/14

    • They had a quick flashback frame of him killing Elektra and then later on the newest villain broke into a secure facility to get to the paralysed version of Bullseye.

      • I figured it was a flashback of that scene. It became so iconic that you can find a reference to it in about half of the comics Elektra appears in. Thanks for the info! : )

  1. I really enjoyed Daredevil #2 as well and Batman Eternal #3 was brilliant. I’m really enjoying my weekly issues of this Batman adventure its been so exciting 😀

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